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The Adoption Council of Canada

Spirit of Adoption www.spiritofadoptionalberta.com - an Alberta website for adoption advocacy and funding

Empowered to Connect - lots of good stuff on attachment!

Canada Adopts

Booklet on trans-racial parenting: www.ifapa.org/pdf_docs/TransracialParenting.pdf

Waiting to Belong - A website focusing on the 30,000 Canadian kids in foster care waiting for a forever home

Adoptive Families' Network - A US site, but it has blogs and adoption info that are useful

The Adoption Counselor Brenda McCreight, therapist and adoptive mom, offers online and telephone counselling for adoptive parents. 

 Christian Alliance for Orphans - CAFO - provides free webinars, helpful for adoptive families.  

Adoption Learning Partners - lots of training opportunities!


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