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Interpol Checks

Many International Adoptions require an Interpol Check. If you have ever lived outside of Canada, your country will definitely require an Interpol Check. Check with your country coordinator if an Interpol check is required.

To obtain an Interpol Check, there are two methods available:

1) Go to your nearest L-1 Office www.policecheck.com

615 Macleod Trail South, Suite 103, Calgary, Alta., T2G 4T8
Phone: 403-261-9880
Fax: 403-261-9824

Alberta Fingerprinting Services (APPOINTMENT PREFERRED)
205-12907 97 Street, Edmonton, AB T5H 1A5
Phone: 780-488-1134
Fax: 780-665-7371

Fee is $70 to have digital prints taken and the Interpol check done.

Results typically take 12-14 business days, if there is NO criminal record found

2) RCMP in Ottawa: http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/interpol/index-eng.htm

-be fingerprinted at your local police station (costs vary)

-send fingerprints to RCMP Ottawa with $25 money order (per person)

-from the time RCMP receives prints, these are suggested wait times:

A) Digital Prints with no criminal record = 1 week

B) Digital Prints with criminal record = 4 + months

C) Paper Prints = 4 + months

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