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Transracial Adoption Questions PDF Print E-mail

Happy childAdopting a child of another race raises a number of challenges. Here are some questions you will need to work through as you consider such an adoption.

  • How will you increase your knowledge and sensitivity to your child's cultural heritage?
  • How many people are in your church, school, community that look like your child, or have similar heritage?
  • What will be, or is in your home that says "It's good to be Native, or Black, or Asian" that reflects your connection to your child's culture?
  • Do you have magazine, books, pictures of their birthplace?
  • Do you have friends or acquaintances with the same heritage as the child you propose to adopt? Are you comfortable with their diversity?
  • What do your family and friends think of you adopting a child who will look different from other family members?
  • How will you handle looks in the grocery store when people wonder who's child this is?
  • How do you plan to demonstrate your appreciation for their culture? How will you help your child feel good about being Black, or Asian or Hispanic?
  • How will you treat your adopted child as compared to your other children, or children of other family members?
  • Are you willing to introduce foods to your child from his country or origin?
  • Do you have positive role models, leaders that you can teach your child about from his race, or country of origin?
  • How will you deal with people telling you how lucky your child is that you adopted him/her and how wonderful you are?
  • Would you feel comfortable marrying a Black, an Asian, someone from the culture you are adopting from?
  • Would you accept your child marrying into another culture?
  • Will it be difficult for your racially different child in Canada today. If so how, and how have things changed in your lifetime?
  • What aspect of the history and culture of the child you are looking at do you most closely relate to?
  • Are there people in your life you have not told you are adopting a child from another culture, why?
  • How will you feel if you love and nurture this child, pay for his education, and she chooses to return to their country so that your grandchildren are only photos and letters to you?
  • Are their ways you can stay connected with the roots your child has, are there ways you can help the orphanage, or mission in that country?
  • Have you thought about taking, or enabling your child to visit his culture as an adolescent?