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International Program Fees

Application fee:                         $400
CAS reviews the file, processes the documents, answers questions that arise and assigns a worker to your file

Consultation & Communication Fee:   $400

International Training: (required) $400 ($300 for a single applicant or a relative adoption)
An all day training course that includes lecture and group work, and opportunity to meet families who have adopted internationally, info on suitable countries and a binder of resource materials to prepare you for your adoption journey. Pizza lunch, snacks, coffee and pop are included.

International Home Study: $3,000 plus travel costs
Your completed home assessment is couriered to Adoption Services for review and will be returned to you in 6-8 weeks. At that time it is ready for your coordinator to prepare to send to the country.

Travel Costs are added to the home study at $.50/km  plus $35/ hr __________________

TOTAL = $4,200 plus travel costs

Other Costs Associated with International Adoption

Not all these charges apply to every adoption

Home Study for a Change of Country: $500.00

Addendums or Annual Renewal Fee: $500 plus travel costs
Most countries require annual updates, although some Countries will accept the Self Report Update the first year -updated criminal and interventions are required

Repeat Home Assessment for a Subsequent Adoption: $2,000 plus travel costs
This only applies if CAS completed your previous home study in a SAFE format

Dossier Preparation and Notarization of Documents: approximately $400 (depends upon the country requirements)

Proposal Review, documentation, Presenting Proposal to Family: $400

Post Placement Reports: $350.00 plus travel costs
The initial report requires a home visit, the second report can be a face to face interview in the agency office. Most countries require two or three post placement reports

Finalization: – this only applies to one or two countries $2,000

Christian Adoption Services does more international adoptions than any other  agency in Alberta. CAS works with families of all faiths, throughout Alberta.

Fees may be paid in cash, by cheque or using a Visa or Mastercard.
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