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There are two different immigration processes available when adopting a child internationally. Your child may qualify for automatic citizenship, or you may need to use the immigration process to sponsor your child for permanent residence status. You can apply for automatic citizenship for your adopted child if:

  • at least one adoptive parent is a Canadian citizen
  • the adoption will be completed outside Canada

You cannot use the citizenship process if a probationary period needs to be completed in Canada before a final adoption order is issued from your child’s birth country. Contact your coordinator to determine which process you should pursue and check out the CIC web page.

Process: Sponsorship

  1. Go to:  http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/adoption/apply-who.asp
  2. Under heading "Obtain an Application Kit" chose "Download and print Application Package"
  3. Go to the third paragraph and chose "Application to Sponsor"
  4. Near the bottom of the page will be a list of the required forms. The necessary forms are: Application to Sponsor and Undertaking, Financial Evaluation, and Document Checklist.
  5. When filling out the "Application to Sponsor and Undertaking" fill out all sections except section C, it does not apply.
  6. Be sure you have all the required documents as per the "Document Checklist"
  7. When you are ready to send your papers in, write ADOPTION on the front of the envelope.

Effective until December 31, 2015

Size of Family Unit Minimum necessary income
1 person (the sponsor) $23,861
2 persons $29,706
3 persons $36,520
4 persons $44,340
5 persons $50,290
6 persons $56,718
7 persons $63,147
For each additional person $6,429

Process: Citizenship

  1. Go to: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/adoption/apply-who-cit.asp
    On the right side of the page click on "How to Apply"
  2. Under the heading "Obtain an Application Kit" chose "Download and Print the Application Package"
  3. There are 2 parts to this package 1) Proof of Parents Canadian Citizenship and 2) Adoptee's Application
  4. Near the bottom of the page, under Part 1, fill out the form labeled "Confirmation of the Canadian Citizenship of the Adoptive Parents.  Also ensure that you have all the documents on the Document Checklist for Part 1.
  5. Under Part 2, fill out the form titled "Adoptee's Application" Use the Citizenship Photo Specification sheet for the guidelines to the citizenship photo.  The photo must be taken within 12 months of the application date.
  6. Ensure you have all the documents on the Documents Checklist for Part 2
  7. Low income cut off regulations do not pertain to citizenship applications
  8. Place receipt, all forms and required supporting documentation in a large envelope and clearly mark it: ADOPTION

Mail with sufficient postage and wait for a letter acknowledging your application. Families say that they have often received calls if immigration officials have any questions about their application. Processing of adoption sponsorship applications is usually handled quickly.

You can print these forms off the Internet or order copies by phone or on-line. It is recommended that you get two copies of the forms so you can use one as a working copy.

When do I complete the immigration forms? We would suggest you not complete forms or pay any fees until you have obtained provincial approval for your home study. Once you have an approved home study, get your forms in.... adoption applications get priority service.

    Any further questions, call a Call Centre, a family who has been there before you or your adoption coordinator for help.

    Immigration consultants in your area can be found at the Immigration Consultants of Canada website.  Type the name of your community into the keyword search.