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International Adoption Families of Alberta's Post-Adoption Checklist PDF Print E-mail
IAFA's Website: http://www.iafa.ca

What do I do now that my child is home? Lots, such as:

  • Update Alberta Health Care and your private health insurance benefit plans to include your child.
  • Find a good pediatrician: Ask your friends or other IAFA families whom they are using to treat their child. Keep in mind that your child will have special needs which vary depending on their previous circumstances and living conditions, age, and pre-existing health issues.
  • Employment Insurance: Apply for all 15 weeks (10 weeks, plus the additional 5 weeks) of parental benefits. For more information, see below.
  • Health Services: Call to make appointments for vaccinations and Early Childhood Intervention Program. ECI will provide an assessment and guidance in improving your child's development.
  • Legal Name Change: Obtain application from provincial government, Vital Statistics. (Outside of Edmonton, use the Alberta Rite #310-0000)
  • Child Tax Benefit: This program has replaced the Family Allowance system. Apply for this tax-free monthly payment provided to qualifying families to assist with the cost of raising children under 18. You can get an application by calling 1-800-387-1193 or from any Revenue Canada tax services office. A pamphlet (T4114(E)) provides more information and how Revenue Canada calculates the benefit based on a number of factors and earnings in the previous taxation year.
  • Canadian Citizenship: Obtain Application for Citizenship for Minor children, form Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Please ensure you have photocopies of the adoption certificate, birth certificate, proof of at least one parent's Canadian citizenship, immigration papers, official Alberta name change certificate, and to play it safe, two additional pieces of identification for your child-- this can be things such as their Alberta Health Care card or Baptismal record. Also, please ensure the two photos fall within the guidelines for the Citizenship photos. The size is different from passport photos!
  • Update or prepare wills to detail guardianship for your child.
  • Stay involved with the IAFA: You have not taken on a role that challenges you on three levels: first, as parents; second, as an adopting parent; and third, as an international and likely an inter-racial adoptive parent. None of these roles is easy and the specific issues relevant to internationally adopted children require special consideration and effort. Some of us stay involved because we've shared our experience and made good friends with fellow IAFA members. Our children too share a unique (and often heartbreaking) history. Perhaps some day, when they are dealing with these issues, peers of similar or identical circumstance can offer insight that a parent cannot.