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Adopting from Central/South America and the Caribbean

Many Albertan families have adopted from Haiti.   Two trips to the country are required.  Keep in mind that there are often "glitches" in the process that result in longer than expected wait times to bring your child home. Families must use one of the approved coordinating agencies to assist in their process: 

  • Sunrise Family Services Society – BC
  • Terre des Hommes – Ontario
  • The Adoption Centre of British Columbia/Kelowna Community Resources
  • Mission of TEARS – Ontario


You may also want to research adoptions from Columbia or Honduras.  


Please remember sending countries are not consistent in care of infants and in the times projected for your child to arrive home. Orphanage care often results in developmental delays, medical issues and attachment difficulties.  Do your research (check out our resources tab) to know what you might expect.  


An adoptive family

Afro Canadian Support Group

The Afro-Canadian Adoption Support Group is a group for families who have adopted black children. The group meets approximately four times a year, giving trans-racial families a chance to see that there are many other families just like theirs! They plan picnics, camp outs, gym nights, and attend Carifest together. If you would like to attend any of the groups’ gatherings in Calgary, either before or after adopting, please contact Esther Cross at 403-337-3471. In Edmonton, the last Friday morning of the month, there is a playgroup for trans- racial families; call Kathy Williams at 780-438-3455.