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Adoptive FamilyChristian Adoption Services assists many couples each year with their International Adoption. Families applying to our international program are not required to be of the Christian faith.

CAS's role in your adoption is to assist you through the approval process.  Final approval comes from the Alberta government.  They will direct you to attend training and get a home study; these are the services we can provide.   

Christian Adoption Services offers a Preparation for International Adoption workshop. The workshop teaches families how to proceed with an International Adoption, and how to meet the special requirements of parenting an internationally adopted child.

Families must complete a home study. Families must then prepare a dossier, usually with the help of a coordinator, which is the package of documents that is sent to your country. The rules around international adoption depend upon whether or not the country you've selected is a member of the Hague Convention on Inter-country Adoption.  The Alberta government has published a helpful guidebook to outline some of these differences.  Click here to see the guidebook.

Countries that work well change from month to month.  It is the applicant's responsibilty to ensure that they meet the requirements of thier chosen country.  Expenses are high, usually well over $25,000, with a large portion being the travel costs.

Orphanage care is not optimal and children adopted internationally are considered special needs, because they may not have been intellectually stimulated. They may also be malnourished or developmentally delayed. You will have the opportunity to read medical reports and other information about your child, before you agree to the adoption, but it is always difficult to know what special needs your child might have until you meet.

Families should research countries that work well for couples in Alberta;  talk to other families who have adopted overseas.  We will try to match you up with a family who has recently been through an adoption from your country, if at all possible.