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Are you ready to adopt a child? There are a lot of good reasons to adopt, as well as a lot of poor reasons. Answering some of these adoption questions may help you clarify for yourself why you are considering adoption:

  • Do you want to adopt in the hope you'll be more likely to conceive your "own"?
  • Do you want to adopt to make your partner happier?
  • Do you want to adopt to add a member to your "team"?
  • Can you accept and fully love an adopted child?
  • Are you considering adopting to strengthen a faltering marriage?
  • Do you want to adopt to fulfill your parent's wish to be grandparents?
  • Is your extended family supportive of your desire to adopt?
  • Are you comfortable with the idea of raising a child who was not born to you?
  • Can you picture yourselves as parents of a child whose talents and demeanour may be very different from yours?
  • Can you be comfortable with the fact that your child has another set of parents and may in fact ask about them from time to time?

Your adopted child needs to feel good about himself or herself. If you see adoption as second best, how will they feel?

An adopted child might have different talents than you. They might excel at sports rather than be the musician you had dreamed of.

Children need to be loved for who they are, not who you wished they were.

Are you ready to love the baby that comes into your home for who she/he is, your own child?