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We provide counselling to expectant parents wanting to know more about adoption in the province of Alberta.

We provide, at no cost to expectant parents:

  • professional counselling to explore options
  • support and encouragement
  • assistance in accessing resources
  • well screened stable adoptive families

If you decide that adoption is the best choice for your child at this time in your life we provide:

  • opportunity for you to choose a family from profiles
  • emotional support when you meet the family you have chosen
  • counselling before and after placement
  • assistance and support to make a plan for the hospital to spend time with your baby, take photos, or plan a ceremony if you choose
  • letters, photos, and 3 or 4 visits a year so you can know your child is loved and well cared for and that you made the right choice

Our adoptive families are:

  • loving caring individuals who are ready to become parents at this time
  • stable, well screened families who are unable to conceive a child
  • financially secure couples who can provide all a child will need

If you are interested in this service or want more information, please call our office at 403-256-3224 (Calgary) or 780-438-3455 (Edmonton), 1-877-256-3224 (toll-free) or contact us by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We can mail you a information kit and we'd love to help you sort through your options and come up with the best plan for you.