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Open adoption gives birth families the chance to choose the family that will raise their baby. We have profiles of Christian families approved and waiting for a child, who have completed adoption training and an in depth home assessment (including criminal checks, child welfare checks, medical reports, and reference letters). Our families are ready financially, emotionally, socially, and spiritually to provide for a child.

Things to consider

  • will your child be the first or subsequent child?
  • what is the adoptive family's lifestyle? what do they do for fun? what kind of work do they do?
  • where do they live?
  • what are their values?
  • how much extended family will the child have? what is the adoptive family's relationship with their extended family like?
  • how much do the adoptive parents know about adoption? do they know anyone who is adopted or has relinquished a child for adoption?
  • how much contact do they want after the baby is placed?